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    Piękny duchowo człowiek
    jest cenniejszy
    od najcenniejszych dzieł sztuki
  • darkblurbg
    Znacznie łatwiej jest
    czynić rzeczy trudne z miłości
    niż z obowiązku
  • darkblurbg
    Czasami, by pójść do przodu,
    trzeba się cofnąć
  • darkblurbg
    Bez sentymentu do przeszłości
    teraźniejszość nie ma szansy na przyszłość
  • darkblurbg
    Staram się otaczać
    mądrymi myślami i pięknem
    jak przyjaciółmi
  • darkblurbg
    Rób to, co lubisz,
    a będziesz lubił
    to, co robisz
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The philosophical basis of the Foundation “Vertical Dimension of Culture”:
Ontology: transcendental dimension of reality
Ethics: personalism, philosophy of dialogue
Philosophy of art: CULTURE OF MEETING

The reasons for establishing the Foundation:

The Foundation “Vertical Dimension of Culture” was established above all for young people who belong to the so-called “Y” generation. Therefore, the aim of the Foundation is to give young people the possibility of intellectual, artistic and spiritual growth, as well as personal development. The Foundation promotes various ideas and initiatives, encouraging young people to adopt certain attitudes towards the tradition and the system of values of the European culture. Students have also the opportunity to consult their ideas and undertake their own initiatives, as the activities of the Foundation are based on a close cooperation between academic teachers of Nicolaus Copernicus University, who are members of the Foundation, and students-volunteers.

 For young people

The Foundation proposes and promotes

1. “a beautiful lifestyle” instead of “a healthy lifestyle”,

2. culture of reflection instead of culture of laughter,

3. personal contact instead of anonymity,

4. idealism instead of pragmatism.

 Changing the system of values

We organise:

1.cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, performances,

2. conferences, debates,

3. workshops,

4. study tours.

 Thinking about culture

We concentrate on the following activities of the public interest:

1. science and higher education,

2. education and upbringing,

3. culture and art,

4. the protection of cultural and national heritage.

 Wisdom, Beauty, Goodness

The history of the Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2014 by people associated with Nicolaus Copernicus University in  Toruń.

The Foundation has been active since 2015.

 In time and out of time